How to Update to E6 version (or higher)

How to Update to E6 version (or higher)

On Monday, October 23rd, 2017, E6Golf will require version or higher to connect to our databases. This is a mandatory update. How do I check my current version number?

What does this mean?

Starting October 23rd, any users that have not updated to the latest version may be locked out of E6 Golf until they install the update.

What is the update for?

In order to facilitate the new online Clubhouse feature in E6, and to ensure all online Events run smoothly, we need to make sure all our users are running the very latest versions of E6Golf. Doing so will help in making sure users are competing against the same version of courses, and using the same simulation calculations. 

How do I update?

Many users have already updated. Before you begin the process below, check your current version number to see if you already have or higher. If you do, then there is no need to update at this time.

Even though this article may seem long, updating is actually a fairly easy process if you follow each step as outlined below. Updating can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes depending on your internet speed.

IMPORTANT: Please read this article very carefully before updating! Especially STEPS 5 and 6. Failure to select Full Swing Golf as the manufacturer during install will prevent the update from installing properly and will require a support technician to resolve the issue. 


STEP 1: Download the latest update from

NOTE: E6 version was the most recent update available when this article was created. If you are running E6 version, you will NOT be locked out of E6 and do not need to update further, but may do so if you desire.

There are two update options available depending on your operating system and internet connection:

E6 Golf Update: For existing users (those that already have E6 1.6 installed on their systems) can use the "E6Golf Update" button (This file is 1.3GB and includes only the required code updates. Content updates, if required, will occur in the game). This update is also recommended for Windows XP users.

Full Installer: New users, or users with a fast internet connection, should consider using the "Full Installer" button to update (This file is about 8.7GB and can take time to download. However, this update contains all the latest content versions and courses)
NOTE: XP users should NOT use this update due to size limitation of that (now aging) operating system.


STEP 2: Install the update by clicking on downloaded update.



STEP 3: In the Security Warning window, click Run.



STEP 4: On the E6 Golf Installer Welcome window, click Next.



STEP 5: In the Make/Model/Language window, select Full Swing Golf

IMPORTANT: It is critical that you select Full Swing Golf as the manufacturer. Failure to do so will result in improper installation and will require a support technician to correct and re-install E6. Technicians, please refer to this article to correct this issue. 



STEP 6: After selecting Full Swing Golf as the manufacturer, click Next to continue.



STEP 7: Click Install to continue the installation.



STEP 8: Click Next to install the FSG SysTool. This will ensure compatibility with your specific simulator configuration. Do NOT cancel or skip this installation.



STEP 9: If prompted, click Yes to update your DSP software.

NOTE: If you do not receive this prompt, then your DSP software is already up to date. You can skip to STEP 12.



STEP 10: Click Next to install the new DSP software.



STEP 11: Click Close to finish the DSP software installation.



STEP 12: Click Close to finish the FSG SysTool installation.

NOTE: By default the Launch SysTool box is checked. It is recommended that you run SysTool at least once to ensure your simulator configuration is set.



STEP 13: If there is no simulator model listed in the drop down menu, please take a moment to set your simulator model. If a simulator model is already present, skip to STEP 15.



STEP 14: Based on existing information on your computer, SysTool will usually give you only one or two options for your Sim Model. When you select an option, you will see an image of that Sim Model. Please select the model that most closely represents your simulator. If you are unsure, select the top option. This setting can always be changed later. Please contact support if you need assistance.



STEP 15: After selecting your Sim Model, click Apply, then Quit.



STEP 16: E6 should now be fully updated to the latest version. Please run E6 and test your system to make sure everything is working properly. If you have any questions or issues, please contact support at 858.675.1196 or




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