Computer Partially Booting and/or Blue Screen During Boot

ISSUE: Computer Partially Booting and/or Blue Screen During Boot

New motherboards are typically set up for Windows 7 or higher.  This means that the hard drive SATA settings are set to AHCI by default.  This is a newer standard that Windows XP does not recognize.  If you are using Windows XP with a new motherboard you must change this setting to IDE.  Failure to do so could result in errors during boot, or possibly blue screens of death (BSOD).

If the computer is partially booting, blue screening (at times it may blue screen and other times it may not), and then rebooting, please do the following:

1. Tap the DELETE key to enter the BIOS when the computer first starts up.

2. Click the button in the upper right hand corner and choose Advanced Mode.



3. Enter the Advanced tab and make sure the Hard Drive SATA Mode is set to IDE (not AHCI).



4. Save Changes and Reset.  The computer should now boot as intended.

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