LS Golf 3 version 3.0 (Full DVD Version)

LS Golf 3 (LS3) version 3.0 Information:

Released: June 2007

End of Life (EOL): Jan 2013*

Version 3.00.0006

Supported Operating Systems: Win 98, Win XP

Previous version required: None

Supported Simulators: Standard 4:3 Ratio Full Swing Golf Simulators

Supported Tracking Systems: Sizes A-L

As of January 1, 2013 this software has reached End of Life (EOL). You may continue to use this software if you have a valid license to do so. Please be aware that no further software updates will be issued. Compatibility with future hardware and software is unknown, and may affect the usability of this product.

IMPORTANT: After installing this software it is recommended to install the latest updates for LS Golf 3, found here.

KNOWN ISSUE: Please see this article if you have issues running LS Golf 3.

Downloads available:

LS Golf 3 3.0 (1.82 GB):


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