Reloading Windows XP, Drivers, and Golf Software

This article is for advanced users only.  You must be familiar with formatting a hard drive, loading a fresh copy of Windows, and loading the appropriate drivers for your specific computer.  This guide will help you configure your computer to FSG factory standards.


Setting up a fresh copy of Windows XP, loading drivers and golf software.

IMPORTANT: Please disconnect your dongle before proceeding!

  1. Install Windows XP on formatted hard drive
  2. Create and Log into FSG Admin account
  3. Install Motherboard Drivers using MB specific disk, or downloading from MB manufacturers website
  4. Determine your graphic card model number, then install the latest NVIDIA graphics driver from
  5. Set resolution to the native resolution for your projector*
  6. Install Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  7. Install .NET 3.5 SP1 or higher
  8. Update Windows XP (SP3). Include all Windows automatic updates**
  9. Disable Screen Saver and hard drive and monitor sleep modes
  10. Disable Audio/Video icons in SysTray
  11. Place My Computer, My Network and IE icons on Desktop
  12. Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard
  13. Change XP appearance to Silver
  14. Install Adobe Flash Player
  15. Install Acrobat Reader (No Shortcut On Desktop)
  16. Change System Properties>Advanced>Performance Settings: Adjust To Best Performance. Reselect Bottom three (3) checkboxes
  17. Change Computer name to FSG001 (or a name of your choice).
  18. Install Golf software in the following order: LS Golf 3, E6 Golf, Tribute 2.0, Golf Darts***
  19. Install FSG Gateway
  20. Go to Device Manager and install PCI Hotlink Driver from C:\FSG\Tools\Drivers\Hotlink
  21. Insert green USB dongle to complete dongle driver installation
  22. Change Desktop Wallpaper to FSG (Wallpaper 2009 in My Pictures)
  23. Change FSG Admin account logo (FSG logo in My Pictures)
  24. Auto Arrange Desktop Icons
  25. Reboot and Log On FSG Account
  26. Download and install the latest Tracking System Software (reboot at end)
  27. In the FSG Gateway, tap the lower-left corner, then the upper-left corner, choose FSG Tools, then choose Custom Size.  Select the appropriate size for your simulator.
  28. To exit the FSG Gateway and return to Windows press Esc.
  29. Delete .Net user account in Control Panel – User Accounts (if present)
  30. Activate Windows
  31. Get software activation codes from FSG -
  32. Install touchscreen drivers from Desktop Shortcut
  33. Install Virus software only if necessary or required by your IT department (FSG recommends Microsoft Security Essentials for basic protection)****


* Most projectors run at 1024x768, but some run at 1400x1050, and Widescreen models run at 1920x1080.

** Internet Explorer (IE) 7, 8, or 9 will cause LS3 to freeze when entering a game.  There is no LS3 update to fix this issue.  If you are running LS3 software please DO NOT install any newer versions of IE and disable notification of these updates in Windows Update.  All other software works with the latest versions IE.

*** You do not need to install all the software listed above, you only need to install the software you have purchased.  If however, you have purchased multiple software types, it is important to install them in the order listed above.

**** FSG cannot provide support for any issues that may arise due to Anti Virus software installed on your system.

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