How to Register for a Closest to the Hole Contest


These are the instructions for playing our FSG Monthly Closest to the Hole contest:

  • Launch E6
  • Select  the Tournaments button
  • Select the Closest to Pin button and follow the wizard
  • You can select and play the FSG Monthly Closest to the Hole Contest. We host one every month and it doesn’t require that you enter a ticket number.

Ticket Number Requirement

We may require a ticket number for special contest events where one is required to make a payment to play. Or a different vendor may require a payment to play. Ticket numbers are usually provided by the indoor golf center owner hosting an event. When the player goes to the simulator to play an event, the simulator will prompt the player to enter the ticket number.

LS3 requires a ticket number for entry to play any closest to the hole contest that doesn’t require payment. A ticket number can be retrieved through registering for that contest through the Full Swing Golf Indoor Club website

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