FSG Online Tournaments - End Of Life / Transition

May 1, 2015


Online Tournaments Transition


Dear Full Swing Golf Simulator Owners:

Thank you for your support of the FSG Online Tournaments platform. It’s been our pleasure to connect players from all over the world who have competed on the largest global network of indoor golfers. FSG continues to lead the industry in golf technology innovation with partners and cutting-edge hardware products that will take indoor golf to the next level.

We are excited to announce that TruGolf, our software partner for over 20 years, is launching their new Online Tournaments (OT) platform this fall. TruGolf has devoted significant resources and is simply far better positioned to host OT as a fully integrated solution with the introduction of E6 version 1.6, their new flagship simulator graphics package. FSG customers and players will enjoy superior functionality and reliability on the TruGolf OT platform.

The TruGolf OT platform will include the following features:

  • Sizeable prizes in the form of cash and goods, provided by globally recognized sponsors
  • Connectivity to a larger community of worldwide indoor golfers using FSG simulators and a variety of other tracking devices
  • 18 hole tournaments, Closest to Pin (CTP), and Long Drive (LD) contests
  • User creation and login has been streamlined and integrated with the new E6 version 1.6
  • Unique, mobile-friendly, registration web pages for CTP and LD contests to quickly register users outside the simulator
  • Comprehensive user profiles including contact information, online play data, and player handicap
  • Ability to record player stats for offline play and driving range shot data
  • Administrative Clubhouse (online management suite) for indoor golf center owners to configure customized, public and/or private tournaments and contests

TruGolf OT beta will launch in June and will be ready for public release in October. For many indoor centers, this will allow several months of testing and feedback before the fall season begins. To make the transition easier, all current player profile information, handicaps, and login data will be migrated to the TruGolf OT servers.

As such, this is your official notice that support is ending for the legacy FSG OT platform. FSG Technical Phone/Web Support for OT will end May 15, 2015. The platform server will remain available for use until June 1, 2015.

For information about the new E6 version 1.6 software, please contact David Bradfield at

Again, we appreciate your support and look forward to helping you adopt the new and exciting opportunities on the new TruGolf OT platform. Please email questions or concerns to

Best regards, 

The Full Swing Golf Team

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