Showdown Golf - Latest Version

Showdown Golf version (Latest Version)

Released: Dec 3, 2015, see Change Log below.
Size: 1 GB

Showdown Golf version Information

Supported Operating Systems: Win 7
Supported Languages: English, Spanish
Supported Simulators: All Full Swing Golf Simulators (REQUIRES ION CAMERA!!!)

Installation Instructions:

STEP 1: Connect the Code Meter Dongle on a USB port on your computer. If you do not have a Code Meter dongle, or your CM dongle is not authorized for use with Showdown Golf, please contact


STEP 2: Click the red Download button above to download the Showdown Golf installation file to your computer and save it on a known location, e.g. Downloads or My Documents folder.

STEP 3: Double click on the ShowdownSetup_1.0.x.x.exe (where 1.1.x.x is the current version number).

STEP 4: The following screen will be displayed, click on Next to start the installation.


STEP 5: You will be prompted to create a shortcut on your desktop, we recommend to accept the default option by clicking Next.


STEP 6: Please wait while files are copied.


STEP 7: If you are prompted to install the latest FSG SysTool, click Next.


STEP 8: Please wait while files are copied.


STEP 9: After FSG SysTool is finished the following window will be displayed, click on Close then click on Finish.


STEP 9: Double click the Showdown Golf icon to start Showdown Golf.


STEP 10: The first time you start Showdown Golf the following window will be shown. Make sure both boxes are selected, then click Allow Access.



Change Log:

  • First release version



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