E6 Golf - Version 1.6 (Latest Version)

E6 Golf - Version 1.6 (Latest Version)

Step 1: The latest version of E6 1.6 can be found here:

NOTE: E6 version was the most recent update available when this article was created.

There are two update options available depending on your operating system and internet connection:

E6 Golf Update: For existing users (those that already have E6 1.6 installed on their systems) can use the "E6Golf Update" button (This file is 1.3GB and includes only the required code updates. Content updates, if required, will occur in the game). This update is also recommended for Windows XP users.

Full Installer: New users, or users with a fast internet connection, should consider using the "Full Installer" button to update (This file is about 8.7GB and can take time to download. However, this update contains all the latest content versions and courses)
NOTE: XP users should NOT use this update due to size limitation of that (now aging) operating system.


STEP 2: Install the update by clicking on downloaded update. Click here for detailed installation instructions.



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