How to Register Your Simulator for Online Tournaments

How to Register Your Simulator for Online Tournaments


If you have never participated in our Online Tournaments before you will need to Register your simulator for online play.  How can I tell if my sim is registered?

1. Fill out the Registration Form on our Online Tournaments website.

2. You will receive a Welcome email from us that contains the Online Registration Code(s) for your simulator(s).

3. Go to your simulator and open the FSG Gateway (this is the program that starts when you turn on your computer).

4. On your touch screen, touch the LOWER LEFT corner, then the UPPER LEFT corner:




5. Touch the FSG TOOLS button, then touch the REGISTRATION button.

7. Enter Online Registration Code(s) you received in the Welcome email, the click the VALIDATE button.

NOTE: If you have multiple simulators, please make sure you use the correct code for each sim.  You will have a separate code for Sim 1, Sim 2, etc.




8. Verify your information is correct, then click the CONFIRM REGISTRATION button.




9. Click the CONTINUE button to return to the FSG Gateway main menu.  After a successful registration, you will see your name in the upper right corner.


registered for OT.png



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